Thaddeus Kane


A driven and arrogant young man, empowered by his new divinity to try and produce immortality for himself. Though the parts he gets to use may not be as good as his first body. He is tall and rail thin, a well tailored suit upon his body at all times. His right hand is a very obvious prosthetic, a dull silver accent.


Estate: Spares
  • (4) Spares are always available
  • (2) Spares are always worse than the original
  • (1) Spares are disposable
  • (0) Aspect
  • (4) Domain
  • (0) Persona
  • (2) Treasure
Bonds & Afflictions:
  • (5) Bond: I Must Always Do Better
  • (3) Affliction: My Limbs Will Be Replaced Periodically
  • (3) Bond: Suffer Not the Fool
  • (2) BondAnchor: I Have A Resourceful Butler
  • (1) BondAnchor: Mechanical Army
  • (1) BondAnchor: Prosthetic Arm
Passions & Skills:
  • (3) Passion: I Must Do Better Than My Brother
  • (3) Skill: Field Command
  • (2) Shine
  • Elusive
    • You’re really hard to land a miraculous effect on — you shed mental and transformative influence with ease. The inhuman beauty of Angels, Excrucians, and the Glorious won’t faze you. Attempts to curse you with hiccups or turn you into a dream don’t take! Basically you have a very strong ability to be yourself despite attempts to enchant or enthrall you.
    • Lesser Preservation of Self (Automatic, Self-Only)
  • Perfect Timing
    • Take this Gift and transcend causality! Forget about Aspect 3 and its dramatic perfection: with true Perfect Timing, you can arrive on time even when it’s literally impossible for you to do so. You can’t intersect your own timeline and interfere with events and outcomes that you know already happened, but you can break the calendars of the world and get from Wednesday to the previous Monday if you needs must.
    • Major Movement of Time (Automatic, Local)

Thaddeus Kane

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