Carl Wright


Carl Wright is a slightly overweight, bespectacled white man in his 60s. He usually wears Khaki pants and a wool sweater, but if the location is warm he instead wear khaki shorts, sandals (with socks), and a polo shirt. On formal or momentous occasions he will wear his judge’s robes with a shirt, tie, and dress pants underneath.

Carl is sociable with his friends and will often invite them over to his house for a meal. He has a voracious appetite for knowledge and gets most excited in conversations about the order of the universe. Carl does not like chaotic situations or wild and excitable people and will start to scowl when he encounters them.


Carl Wright was born in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada in 1957 to parents James and Beatrice Wright. He attended the University of British Columbia, proving an enthusiastic student of philosophy, in which he received his B.A. in 1979. While at UBC Wright joined the Young Liberals (He was an active campaigner in Pierre Trudeau's 1980 electoral campaign) and met his wife, Ann, an art history major. Wright wanted to continue his studies in philosophy, but was persuaded by his father, a minor official with Canada Customs, to pursue a career in the law.

He continued his law studies in the UBC Faculty of Law, where he received his Juris Doctor in 1984. During this time Wright married his wife, with a small ceremony held in the backyard of his parents' New Westminister home. Preoccupied with his legal studies, family life, and involvement in local politics, Wright slowly lost interest in philosophy. After joining the bar in 1985 Wright began working as a attorney, specializing in tort law. During this time Wright's two children, James and Lindsey, were born, and the Wright family moved into a North Burnaby bungalow. Wright also became a member of the Rotary Club of Burnaby, and was an active supporter of the Adventure in Citizenship program, as well as the Club's efforts to improve Burnaby's public parks. In 1989 Wright was appointed to the Vancouver County Court, where he presided over small claims court cases for the rest of his life. Wright enjoyed a comfortable petty bourgeois life while raising his children, taking them on a vacation to Disneyland and once enjoying a trip with his wife to Paris. Both his children attended UBC, graduating in 2008 and 2009 respectively, with his daughter Lindsey becoming a pharmacist and his son James following him in a career in law. After his children left the home, Carl travelled through the United States a few times with his wife in their Toyota Camry, visiting various Rotary Clubs and landmarks. In 2016 Carl was suddenly killed when he was hit by a UPS truck while crossing the Lougheed Highway near his home.

It came as a shock to Carl to be hit by a UPS truck, but the far greater impact came from waking from his death in the presence of the Emerald Dragon Qyvrionys, perched upon a massive branch of Yggdrasil, the World Ash. Qyvrionys informed Carl that he was dead, but more importantly that he was now one of the Dragon's Nobilis. When Carl perplexedly asked the Dragon how he was still alive and whether he could go back to Burnaby, Qyvrionys asked him if he was really that interested in Burnaby when the whole multiverse stood arrayed before him. Carl adjusted his glasses and asked what the multiverse was. At this point Qyvrionys grinned a long draconic grin and sent him on a mind-expanding magical whirlwind tour of a hundred realms, up and down the extent of Yggdrasil. In this moment of revelation Carl's perspective on his (after)life was irrevocably altered. While he had read the occasional science article in Maclean's and The Globe and Mail about the infinite expanse of the universe, he had not thought about things at a cosmic scale since his days of idle philosophical speculation at UBC. The concerns of the life he had left behind turned to dust as his heart was once again seized by an enthusiasm for the majesty of cosmic order.

Under the tutelage of Qyvrionys Carl began to understand the Domain of structure he had inherited, and became acquainted with the Dragon's plane travelling games, as well as the other Nobles under their power. Carl also began indulging his newfound enthusiasm for finding evidence of cosmic order by visiting and discussing philosophical matters with various denizens of the multiverse. Among these he became best acquainted with Soteos the Gold Dragon, who had spent 4000 years studying the extra-planar geometry of the multiverse, collecting all manner of crystals of power along the way, and Ariuk the Power, who tirelessly tried to explain to Carl that truly perfect structure could only be found behind the closed gates of Heaven, but that it therefore could only be alluded to by analogy outside of those gates, a point that Carl did not cease to doubt.

Estate: Structure
  • (2) Structure is elegant; Elegance is beauty
  • (2) Structure is ultimately non-contradictory
  • (2) Structure is ultimately non-contradictory
  • (1) Structure is not easily discerned
  • (0) Aspect
  • (5) Domain
  • (0) Persona
  • (3) Treasure
Bonds & Afflictions:
  • (2) Bond: I’ve moved on from my family
  • (2) Affliction: My appearance is homely and unremarkable
  • (2) Bond: I must give order to Qyvrionys’ games
  • (4) Bond: I must find harmony and elegance in the universe
  • (3) BondAnchor: I have a wide circle of non-human friends
  • (3) BondAnchor: I am friends with Soteos the lesser gold dragon Soteos
  • (3) BondAnchor: I am friends with Ariuk the Power (Angel) Ariuk
Passions & Skills:
  • (3) Passion: I believe that there is harmony and elegance in the universe
  • (2) Skill: Jurisprudence
  • (1) Skill: Dad
  • (2) Passion: I enjoy the company of like-minded beings
  • (0 + 5) Shine
  • Immutable (aka Practically Eternal)
    • This is the weaker form of the Eternal Gift. You cope with environmental and physical conditions really well, and you age really slowly, and you don’t need much food or water or sleep, but you can’t endure forever.
    • Lesser Preservation of the Self (Automatic, Self Only)

Carl Wright

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