A 20 year old NEET/Otaku.


Prior to becoming a Power, he had largely stopped attending classes, in favor of staying at home to pirate copious amounts of media, much of which went unwatched/listened to, but which all had exactingly correct metadata applied. Had few friends besides Etsuko, a classmate he had an unrequited interest in until he was hit by a car and transformed into a Power. She has since become interested.

Estate: Minutia
  • (2) Minutia is never ending.
  • (3) Minutia should be organized.
  • (2) Minutia is born from obsession.
  • (0) Aspect
  • (0) Domain
  • (0) Persona
  • (3) Treasure
Bonds & Afflictions:
  • (3) Affliction: Easily Obsessed
  • (2) Bond: I Care About My Mortal Life
  • (3) Bond: Etsuko
  • (5) BondAnchor: Magic Cell Phone
Passions & Skills:
  • (2) Passion: People are Inconvenient
  • (2) Passion: I Want to be Accepted
  • (2) Skill: Memorization
  • (1) Shine
  • (1) Cool
  • Truthiness
    • Things I believe to be true about an area of minutia I care about become true..
    • Major Creation of Minutia (Automatic, Anywhere)
  • Active immortality
    • You can survive anything. You don’t need air. You probably don’t even care whether you have air. You don’t need food or water. You can handle being thrown in a giant blender. Maybe the blades break on your legs, maybe you reflexively turn into protoplasm and reform, maybe you emerge on the other side with a torn sleeve and a dramatic nick on your cheek. It’s just being thrown in a giant blender, so, you know, whatever. There’s no point stabbing you. There’s no point nuking you. If someone throws you out of an airplane without a parachute you are going to be upset about possibly missing your connecting flight. You can’t be banished or made to disappear, and so you can’t be permanently imprisoned either. Whatever the world throws at you, you defend yourself from it and just keep going.
    • Major Preservation of The Self (Automatic, Self)


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